LOHA’S Exhibition Participation Procedures

  • 1.Apply

  • 2.Script

  • 3.Deposit

  • 4.Installation

  • 5.Carry in

  • 6.Host

  • 7.Withdraw

  • LOHA’S Exhibition Participation Information

    Application Period Application Closing - July 10, 2019(Wed.)
    ※ Applications for the booth will be received on a first-come, first-served basis.
    ※ Contact the office for any questions or requests for additional data.
    ※ Receive the application form and application through 'Apply for participation' at the bottom.
    How to Apply LOHA’S Exhibition Website ⇒ Participation Information ⇒ Application for Booth Participation ⇒ Booth Fee Deposit
    ※ When applying for an online booth, the secretariat will contact you.
    ※ Confirmation of participation is based on full payment of booth fee

    Booth Fee Information (VAT to be separately applied)

    Classification Booth charge
    Basic Booth (3m X 3m) USD 2,000
    Independent Booth (3m X 3m) USD 1,800
    1py Booth (2m X 2m) USD 800

    Participation promotion
    *Discount if possessing certificates of the product or of the company, no duplicated application for the discount

    Full Payment in Advance 30% discount (only if full amount is paid until May 31, 2019
    Over 5 Certifications 30%
    3 to 4 Certifications 20%
    2 Certifications 10%

    Booth and Facilities

    Basic Booth Additional facility
    Booth area + octanium booth
    Cross-sigh (Korean/English), Lighting, Information Desk and Chair (Article 1 of the Company President)

    - Booth construction should be carried out in batches by the organizers.
    - Low budget allows a united atmosphere
    - Size of booth: 3m X 3m

    Amount: 2,000,000 won/booth (* VAT separate)
    Independent Booth Additional facilities
    Display area only

    - Select and construct with the designated company (Purple)
    - Additional budget execution for devices other than participation fees is required
    - Differentiated brand promotion and marketing possible
    - Improving the image of companies and products
    - Size of booth: 3m X 3m

    Amount: 1,800,000 won/booth (* VAT separate)
    1py Cafe Booth Additional facilities
    Booth area + octanium booth

    Mutual sign (Korean/English), lighting
    Booth construction is carried out in batches by the organizers.
    Low-budgeted, unified atmosphere
    Booth Size: 2m X 2m

    Amount: 800,000 won/booth (* VAT separate)

    Q & A

    Inquiries for Sponsor
    Tel. 064-722-3288 Fax. 064-800-8900 Email.
    Company : Kakyo Corp.     Address : Jisan Building, 2nd floor (room 201) 36-1 Seogwang-ro (Ora 3-dong), Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-governing province, Korea, 63148    
    CEO: Jung Im Ra     TEL : +82)64-722-3288     FAX : 064-800-8900     Business license number : 616-81-72502

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