What is S-Fund

Growing with the companies in LOHA’S Exhibition has been set to be the highest priority of the goal.
What can be obtained by the company from exhibition?
What the exhibition can provide companies
Whether this is the practical benefit for companies
LOHA’S has always been considering them with the top priority.

LOHA’S Exhibition is operating S-fund with focus on the capital of companies.
LOHA’S Exhibition is supporting the capital for company management from a small amount including “the fund for exportation” or “capital for production” by selecting from participating companies in LOHA’S Exhibition.
Fund Matching, Company Growth, Redemption Period, Redemption of Matched Fund

S-management Certificate


Is S-management certificate necessary?
We have come to an important conclusion while hosting LOHA’S Exhibition up to the 7th session.
Growth of the company is the growth of the exhibition.

We have focused on the growth of participating companies focusing on the certificate to be with their journey on continuous growth.
We have considered various areas for sustainable growth of the companies for certificates.
We especially focused on four elements of marketing, management, technology, and environment in the company management representing all-in-one solution with fast yet accurate diagnosis by experts in various fields.
Certificate Application, Company Analysis, and Derivation of Issues
Discussion of Solution, Presenting Solution, Company Certificate, Step-wise Support and Consulting

1:1 B2B Meeting


Is B2B necessary?

We have focused on foreign countries as a way to expand the sales route of products from companies.
We started recruiting buyers that participating companies in the exhibition might be interested in.
Buyers from foreign countries to pioneer We have invited buyers only to be available in LOHA’S Exhibition by pioneering them in person.

① Company-friendly 1:1 B2B with buyer matching in each item as well as demand investigation in advance
② 1:1 focused consultation
③ Expand the export routes to abroad with LOI conclusion
④ Provide product feedback for buyers in each country after the consultation
⑤ Prepare for the opportunity of forming networking with continuous communication support
⑥ Seamless communication by distributing professional interpreters


Must Buy in Jeju Item


Are there benefits if selecting ‘Must Buy in Jeju Item’
Exhibition office has been selecting some of the products from participating companies of LOHA’S Exhibition held every year as ‘Must Buy in Jeju Item’ in Jeju Island and advertising them as follows.

① Advertisement effect with public release after selection
② Support promotion for on/offline sales in Korea and abroad
③ Special sales support after ending the exhibition
④ Support advertisement with custom homepage and SNS
⑤ Availability for matching company fund for selected products

Benefits of being selected as ‘Must Buy in Jeju Item’

Company : Kakyo Corp.     Address : Jisan Building, 2nd floor (room 201) 36-1 Seogwang-ro (Ora 3-dong), Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-governing province, Korea, 63148    
CEO: Jung Im Ra     TEL : +82)64-722-3288     FAX : 064-800-8900     Business license number : 616-81-72502

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