Absolute value! LOHA’
Why focusing on the sustainability?

Kakyo Corporation has been with Jeju Island since 2012 to this moment pursuing the value of LOHA’S.
Today, people in all over the world agree on the need for 'sustainability'.

In 2019, we are aiming to grow into a sustainable exhibition with the value of LOHA’S in line with the paradigm.
LOHA’S means 'Lifestyle of Healthy and sustainability'.

Incorporating the value of LOHA’S on the trend, we will make an effort to serve the lives of consumers.


Sustainable Value

Company Prospering Together

LOHA'S Exhibition…
Provide pleasure to the audiences at the exhibition

Prepare for an opportunity to seek for pioneering new market in Korea and abroad for participating companies in the exhibition
Advertise products of the company in the exhibition
Represent high quality of the company to audiences

Audiences are able to have various experiences in the exhibition and purchase high quality products in a reasonable price

LOHA’S Exhibition

LOHA’S Overview

Title The 8th LOHA’ Exhibition
Period August 9 (Friday) to 11 (Sunday), 2019 (3 days)
Time 10am to 6pm
Venue Event hall on the 1st floor of Jeju International Convention Center

Size 150 booths

LOHA’S Exhibition Committee, Kakyo Corporation

Expected Size About 150 participating companies About 10,000 audiences

Sales in the field: About 2 billion Won Buyers: About 50

LOHA’S Program

Special Exhibition
Exhibit planning reflecting the changing trends from year to year
Overseas Business 1:1 Meeting
Prepare for time for business conversations and operate 1:1 business meetings by matching the product line of companies with the buyers in each item
Fam-tour/Agricultural Village Experience for Buyers from Abroad
Opportunities for buyers to take interest in Jeju's culture and make continuous exchanges through a fam-tour including a Jeju corporate factory and a rural experience village.
Select ‘Must Buy in Jeju Item’ as an Outstanding Product
Select “Must Buy un Jeju Item” and continuously advertise
LOHA’S Man Reporting
Buyers purchase samples with vouchers available in the exhibition, and consumers are able to experience products


Accomplishment in the Previous Year (2018)

Accomplishment of each Session of Exhibition

B2B Consultation Profit

Response from Audiences


Participating Countries in the History

Exhibition in Jeju Island visited by
countries in all over the world

※ DB of buyers of our company (about 30 countries/703 people)

Asia America Europe Africa Oceania
662 11 13 4 13
Prefer Country *2018 survey
Company : Kakyo Corp.     Address : Jisan Building, 2nd floor (room 201) 36-1 Seogwang-ro (Ora 3-dong), Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-governing province, Korea, 63148    
CEO: Jung Im Ra     TEL : +82)64-722-3288     FAX : 064-800-8900     Business license number : 616-81-72502

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